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Physicians Surgical Center of Lebanon

The Day of Surgery



• Remember not to eat or drink anything in the morning unless you have special instructions from the pre-operative nurse.

• Wear comfortable clothing that you can change in and out of easily and that will not bind the site of your surgery.

• Do not wear contact lenses and please leave your jewelry and other valuables at home.

• Please arrive at the surgery center one hour prior to your scheduled surgery time to complete your pre-operative paperwork. Persons under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian with them to sign the forms.

• The surgery center staff will ask you for a brief medical history.

• Anesthesia personnel will meet with you to discuss your anesthesia. They will explain exactly what will happen before, during, and after your surgery. They will answer any questions you have prior to proceeding to the operative suite.

• Remove all jewelry, including body piercings.



• If your child is having surgery, a nurse will call prior to surgery to discuss special feeding instructions.

• Make sure you bring an extra set of clothes. Small children should have an adequate diaper bag. Also, bring your child’s favorite toy, blanket, or bottle to help him or her feel more at ease.

• Be prepared to stay at the surgery center until your child is discharged. When the procedure is completed, you will be allowed in the recovery room as soon as your child is awake.

• Consider making arrangements for another adult to help you drive home. That way, you can focus on your child and give him or her special attention.


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