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Physicians Surgical Center of Lebanon

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Our Waiting Area

We have taken extraordinary measures to convey a message of warm, professionalism upon entering the waiting area. A waiting area hosts a large TV screen for guests and a refreshment area for visitors. Receptionists are readily available to greet and register patients as they enter the center. In addition, we have complimentary Wi-Fi available for your use.

Each patient is escorted by a member of the nursing staff thru the changing process and into the pre-operative area. A bed is assigned and a curtain drawn to provide each patient with privacy. Many patients will have an IV inserted into their arm in the preop area so that fluids and medications can be administered during surgery. Some patients will also have “nerve blocks” in preparation to minimize pain during and after the procedure. Your physician will discuss what preparations are required for your specific procedure. An anesthesiologist will obtain a medical history and examine every patient prior to administration of any anesthesia. During this preparation phase, one of your family or friends may wait with you until you are taken back for your procedure. They will then be directed back to the waiting room while you are in the operating room.

Our Recovery Area

Patients are brought to the recovery area following their procedures. Phase I recovery is for patients who are still slightly sedated when leaving the OR, they will be on stretchers until they wake up. Phase II recovery is for patients who had minimal or no sedation who can sit in a reclining chair prior to discharge. Patients must be transitioned to Phase II prior to discharge. A recovery room nurse is assigned to each patient. Her role, in addition to monitoring the patient, is to provide pain control and prepare the patient for discharge.